Terms of hire


The company, SKI AND GO owner of this website Skimax Argentiere, taking reservations, rental equipment and associated equipment (shoes, poles and helmets)

The reservation of ski or snowboard equipment via our website implies the acceptance of the general conditions specified below.

These terms and conditions govern the rental of ski or snowboard equipment by Skimax Argentière to the Client via the Internet. The Customer wishing to rent equipment through this site must first identify himself to become a Customer. To this end, he/she will fill out a form, according to the information requested online, where he/she will indicate his/her name, first name and postal address.

In accordance with article 34 of the law 78.17 of January 6, 1978 modified relating to data processing, the files and freedoms, the customer has a right of access, of modification, correction and suppression of its personal data. He can exercise this right by sending a letter to :
34 Chemin des Arberons
74400 Argentière France
Or by sending an email to via our contact form

The Customer will definitively validate his rental in view of a summary displayed on the screen, by “clicking” to show his commitment, his knowledge and his acceptance of the general and special conditions below.

Definition CUSTOMER

“Customer” is defined as any person renting equipment on the website www.skimax-argentiere.com and proceeding to the payment of this rental. A customer may rent equipment for more than one person, but will be solely responsible to Skimax Argentière.

Definition Skimax Argentiere

Skimax Argentière is defined as a store belonging to the company Ski And Go, as well as by the website www.skimax-argentiere.com. This may be referred to hereafter as the “Website”.

Article 1 : RESERVATION of equipment rental and RATES.

The Customer declares that he/she is 18 years old and has the legal capacity to contract on the website and to respect the present Terms and Conditions or to be the holder of a parental authorization allowing him/her to make a reservation on the website

The rental rates depend on the category of equipment rented by the Client, among the categories offered by Skimax Argentière

The categories of equipment, the services and the applicable rates are described on the website, it being specified that only categories of equipment are offered and in no case a specific model. The general characteristics of each of the categories offered are listed on the Website, as well as at least one example of equipment corresponding to each category. The Customer selects and reserves a category of material. The examples of materials are given for information only and have no contractual value.

Skimax Argentiere reserves the right to change its categories during the season, as well as the applicable rates. The price of the rented equipment is determined according to the category of equipment booked, the rental period chosen and the date of the booking.

The price in force is the one displayed on the site at the time of the reservation. This is only valid after confirmation of the reservation and the payment of the deposit referred to in Article 2 hereof.

SKI AND GO reminds you that the price conditions and discounts on the website of Skimax Argentière are exclusively valid for reservations on www.skimax-argentiere.com, they can not be applied in store. Thus, any rental of equipment made directly within the Rental Store (without reservation on the site) will be at the public rate of the said Rental Store.

  • The Family offer cannot be combined with the Group offer. The most advantageous offer will be automatically applied to the basket. It is visible in the basket summary throughout the booking process.
  • The Group offer applies to a single order, including at least 10 packs. It is in no way applicable retroactively to several existing orders.
  • The discount codes are not cumulative, they must be entered at the time of validation of your cart on www.skimax-argentiere.com.

No refunds will be accepted in case of forgetfulness or wrong entry. The corresponding discount cannot be applied retroactively to the order.

Within the framework of agreed partnerships, a membership card will be requested in the store in order to justify the membership of the signatory organization.

The promotional codes communicated by newsletter or on the internet are valid for a specific period of time and only on the website www.skimax-argentiere.com.

Article 2 : Payment conditions for the reservation of the equipment.

When making a reservation on the website, the Customer selects the category of equipment desired.

After the selection of the equipment the customer will be asked to confirm the reservation. The Customer has the possibility to pay the totality of his reservation. Only the payment in full of the reservation has the effect of registering the reservation by the Client on the website.

Payments must be made by bank card: cards bearing the CB symbol, cards bearing the “Visa” or “Mastercard” brand accepted in France, as well as cards issued within the framework of international networks approved by the GIE Cartes Bancaires.

The validation of the rental by means of the number of the bank card and the expiry date is worth mandate to pay the price, all taxes included (TTC), of the rental.

The agreement of the central network of bank cards makes the order validated by the Customer on the Internet site. In case of refusal of the central network of credit cards, SKI AND GO reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

Once the reservation is concluded after receipt by SKI AND GO of the agreement of the central network of credit cards concerning the payment of all or part of the reservation (deposit or 100%) and receipt by the Customer of an email confirming the taking into account of the reservation, these two conditions being cumulative, the Shop undertakes to rent to the Customer, the equipment reserved according to the terms set in the reservation and these RACs, the Customer undertakes to take the said equipment reserved according to the same terms.

Article 3 : Secure payment.

Payment by credit card with CA E-transactions.

In order to make your purchases in complete security, Skimax Argentière has chosen the Crédit Agricole, editor of the E-transactions payment solution. E-transactions facilitates your Internet transactions with reliability and security. Each transaction is encrypted, no banking data is recorded on our site. The payment platform is totally secure thanks to the 3D Secure, a new standard allowing to validate the credit card number, the expiration date and the cryptogram.

The order is sent immediately.

Article 4 : Cancellation of the Reservation.

Right of withdrawal
The Customer has a legal retraction period of 14 calendar days from the date of payment for the Reservation.

However, this right of withdrawal can no longer be exercised if the Client has collected the equipment reserved in the Rental Shop.

Any request for retraction must be notified directly to Skimax Argentière by email via our contact form. The Customer can also use the form on the “contact” page of our website.

The refund of the payment will be made within a maximum of 30 days, by crediting the credit card used for the reservation.
* No deductions are made except for the breakage/theft guarantee and the handling fee. In case of partial cancellation (cancellation of some equipment), this same deduction applies exclusively to the cancelled equipment

Article 5 : Theft & Breakage Warranty Option

5.1 Description of the “Breakage & Theft Warranty

Conditions and procedures
The customer has the possibility at the time of his reservation to guarantee the rented material against the degradations (total or partial damage of the ski material) their destruction or their disappearance (theft; total or partial) in the following cases:

  • In case of BREAKAGE during their use by the lessees
  • In case of theft outside the business of the subscriber

(As described in article 5.2.1)
The guarantee can be subscribed at the time of the reservation on the website or in store. In all cases the following conditions apply in these cases:

  • The Guarantee does not cover the loss or replacement of ski equipment during the stay.
  • The Guarantee is nominative and is applicable only within the limit of one claim per stay.
  • On the Internet, it can only be subscribed before the payment of the rental, and cannot be added afterwards
  • In store, it can only be taken out at the time of collection of the equipment, and cannot be added afterwards.
  • Under no circumstances can the guarantee be refunded.

The cost of this guarantee is determined by the category of equipment reserved by the customer and the duration of the rental chosen in accordance with the rates below:

Complete baby ski package : 90€. 45€ 4.50€
Red Junior Pack: 200€. 100€ 4.50€
Black Junior Pack: 300€. 150€ 4.50€
Blue Adult Pack: 300€. 150€ 4.50€
Red Adult Pack: 600€. 300€ 4.50€
Black Adult Pack: 700€. 350€ 4.50€
Adult Diamond Pack: 800€. 400€ 4.50€
Junior snowboard pack: 450€. 200€ 4.50€
Junior snowboard pack: 500€. 250€ 4.50€

* Patterns given as examples. This right of withdrawal can no longer be exercised if the Customer has collected the equipment booked in the Rental Shop (see General Conditions on www.skimax-argentiere.com)

A percentage of obsolescence of 15% is applied per year of age of the equipment. As soon as it is released for the second time, a material will be considered as having one year of seniority.

In case of breakage, the compensation is fixed by mutual agreement, without ever exceeding the prices indicated above, except if the equipment is considered by the Rental Shop as irreparable.

Obligations of the Customer in the event of a claim:

1. In the event of theft of the ski equipment, the client must send to the Skimax Argentière store the receipt of the declaration of theft to the Police or Gendarmerie with the following documents

  • ID of the person concerned by the theft, ID of the person who made the reservation
  • Copy of the voucher
  • Rental form provided by the store when you pick up the equipment
  • This document (as proof of the procedure)

2. In the event of damage to ski equipment, the client must return the damaged equipment to the Skimax Shop in Argentière. In both cases, a damage report (document below) must be filled out by the customer and by the Magasin Skimax Argentière, which will add the following documents

  • Copy of the theft report (in case of theft)
  • Copy of the invoice for the order of the equipment by the Skimax Argentière store
  • Copy of the customer’s exchange order
  • Copy of the rental form
  • Copy of the identity card of the Client(s)

5.2 Description of the Theft and Breakage Insurance

Theft and breakage insurance covers you in case of :

  • Theft of rented equipment
  • Breakage of rented equipment

Article 6 : CANCELLATION of rental after removal of the reserved equipment and after the withdrawal period and/or shortened rental period

6.1 Cancellation due to lack of snow, accident or death of a direct relative.

In case of illness or accident of the client using the rented equipment (or of the person for whom the equipment was rented) and occurring during the planned rental period, the rental remains in force.

In case of injury or illness of the Client during the stay, the Client may return the equipment concerned in advance. Upon presentation of medical proof, Skimax Argentière may reimburse the Client on a pro-rata basis for the days actually used. Any material returned after 10am will be considered rented for the day.

In the event of an early return due to the death of a direct relative, Skimax Argentière will reimburse the person(s) directly concerned upon presentation of proof. The amount of the refund will be calculated on a pro rata basis of the days not skied, starting from the date of return of the equipment to the store.

6.2 : CANCELLATION due to weather conditions

In the event of an INTEGRAL closure of the ski area normally accessible from the Skimax Argentière store, and only in this case, the equipment can be returned and the days of rental concerned deducted, subject to the return of the equipment to the store before 10am for the days concerned.

In the event of a lack of snow, Skimax Argentière will not refund unused rental days.

In any case, the amount refunded to the Customer can never be higher than the following formula:
Amount refunded = Total rental price – Price of days actually rented

Article 7 : Modification of a registered Reservation

A change in the category, size and/or quantity of the Reserved Material shall be made in accordance with the conditions set forth below.

If the change is made within the legal withdrawal period referred to in Article 3, the difference between the two reservations will be reimbursed or supplemented by a sum of not less than one euro (1€)

If the change is made after the legal withdrawal period, two situations may arise.
A – If the amount of the new Reservation is higher than the Initial Reservation, the supplement of a minimum amount of one euro (1€) must be paid on the Website or in store
B – If the amount of the new reservation is less than the Initial Reservation, there will be no refund of the initial deposit.

The effect on the rental price of the acceptance of such a change will be taken into account when paying the balance of the rental price.

Article 8: Additional Services

Reservation modification: Deletion or addition of packs possible with the maintenance of the discount rate* of the packs already reserved, 48 hours before the beginning of the rental.
* Discount rate only maintained on initial reservation packs. Packages added at the time of a reservation change will be impacted by the change in internet discount rate and.or by the expiration of a promotional code.

Additional information
Each service is subject to a fee and can be added in step 2 of the online booking process on our website, at the rates in effect at the time.

Each of the services offered by Skimax Argentière will be provided within the store’s opening hours. Skimax Argentiere will not be held responsible if the Client presents himself outside normal opening hours.

In case of cancellation before the stay, all services will be refunded, except for the Cancellation and Theft Guarantee and the reservation fees, according to the conditions described in article 3.

In case of cancellation on the spot or during the stay: no service can be reimbursed, whether it is not consumed or partially consumed.

Article 9 : Provision and use of the rented equipment.

The Customer will receive an email confirming the rental. Only this letter containing a summary of the conditions of the rental is worth confirmation and definitively validates the transaction.

If the Client is unable to arrive on the first day of the rental period as confirmed, the Client must inform Skimax Argentière as soon as possible by sending a message via the contact form.

The Shop is only obliged to hold the equipment booked by the Customer via the Website until 10 a.m. on the day following the first day of rental indicated in the Booking confirmation email. After this period, the Reservation will be considered as cancelled by the Client, except in case of force majeure. Force majeure is defined as any unforeseeable and irresistible event beyond their control as defined by jurisprudence. The Client will lose the benefit of his reservation and the equipment will be returned to the rented premises without the Client being able to claim a refund of the Deposit and without any compensation being due. In such a case, the Deposit remains with Skimax Argentière.

The Reserved Equipment is collected from the Skimax Shop in Argentière for which the reservation was made and which is mentioned in the confirmation email of the reservation.

The Reserved Material will be made available only to the person who made the Reservation.

The Rented Equipment will be delivered to the Client upon presentation of the e-mail containing the confirmation. Otherwise, a means of identification of the payer, as well as the reference code of his order will be required. The amount of the outstanding balance to be paid in the Store will be paid upon collection of the equipment according to the general rental conditions of the Store. Failing this, the rental may be refused by the Store without any refund of the deposit being possible.

The Store may also require a security deposit to cover the risk of damage, theft or loss of the Rented Equipment. The amount and terms of the security deposit are set by the Store. This deposit will be returned to the Customer by the Store upon return of the rented equipment if no anomaly is found and under the conditions specified in Article 9 hereof.

Skimax Argentiere will provide the skis CHOSEN, OR AN EQUIVALENT MODEL, within the same CATEGORY.

The rented materials and equipment are intended for the sole use of the Customer, without any possibility of subletting or lending, even for free. They are under the full responsibility of the Customer as soon as he takes possession of them.

The Client is the sole judge of its ability to use the rented materials or equipment, Skimax Argentière basing itself exclusively on the Client’s statements. However, any reservations about the condition of the equipment must be reported by the Client to the Store upon collection of the equipment and will be recorded on the rental slip when it is signed. Otherwise, no subsequent claim will be accepted.

SKI AND GO makes the Reservations on the Website in the name and on behalf of the store Skimax Argentière, it can not be held responsible for any defect in the provision of the Reserved Equipment by the store concerned. However, if the Store is unable to provide the Customer with the Reserved Equipment, the Store shall endeavour to provide the Customer with equipment of equal or better quality for the same rental price.

The Customer may collect his equipment from the Shop, the day before his first day of skiing, from 4:00 pm onwards, subject to availability in the Shop where the order was placed.

Article 10: Terms of RETURN of the rented equipment and the Customer’s RESPONSIBILITY.

The return of the equipment is mandatory at the end of the rental period under the penalties provided for in Article 314-1 of the Penal Code, without the need to send a formal notice by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and without the Customer being able to invoke any impediment.

The material must be returned to the store where it was taken.

The equipment must be returned at the end of the rental period as defined and confirmed.

Any equipment returned after 10 a.m. on the day following the last day of rental will result in the invoicing and payment by the Client of additional rental days at the public rate displayed in the Store.

If the Client is unable to return the equipment for any reason whatsoever, the Client will be invoiced and must pay Skimax Argentière any late fees in addition to the BILLING (provided for in Article 8) and the rental price already paid.

The equipment is recognized as being in good condition and must be returned in the same condition. All equipment is numbered and marked, and will be returned with the same number and mark. Excessive damage deemed to have been caused by negligence will result in payment by the Customer of replacement or repair costs. The maximum replacement/repair cost limit will be the cost of replacing the equipment “as new”. This cost will be added to the rental fee already paid.

The Customer agrees that, in the event that a pair of skis or a snowboard is returned damaged but cannot be safely returned to the renter, such equipment shall be considered “non-repairable” and the amount to be paid shall be the price of new equipment, purchased for replacement. The Customer also accepts that this report is made by the store manager, in which the equipment was rented.

The Client hereby expressly agrees that Skimax Argentiere may appropriate from the Client’s bank account any amount due in the event of late payment or non-payment of the DEDUCTION/BILLING, using the credit card number and expiration date provided by the Client.

Article 11: BREAKING or THEFT – Unreturned or broken equipment

Skimax Argentière may retain the details of the credit card used by the Client for payment of the rental in order to allow for compensation in the event of breakage or theft of one or more items of equipment rented, and/or to cover cases where the Client does not return all of the winter sports equipment rented (as defined in article 7).

Skimax Argentiere may also pre-authorize, at the time of payment, an amount equivalent to the total amount indicated below, for the winter sports equipment rented. This amount will be charged to the credit card only in case of loss, theft or non-return of the rented equipment. This authorization will no longer be valid after the equipment is returned in good condition.

If the Customer has not subscribed to the “Breakage and Theft Guarantee” offered on the Internet or in the Store, he/she will be BILLED in the event of breakage or in the event of failure to return the equipment (whether stolen or lost), according to the rates defined in Article 3.

If the Client has subscribed to the “Breakage and Theft Guarantee” offered on the Internet (or to the “Breakage and Theft Guarantee” offered on arrival in the Shop), he/she will benefit from preferential conditions in the event of breakage or theft of the equipment he/she has rented from Skimax Argentière in accordance with the rates defined in article 3.

Article 12: Protection of your Personal Data

Concerned about privacy, the rights of its customers and the information they provide, the company SKI AND GO respects the legislation in force on the protection of privacy.

SKI AND GO is required to ask its customers for certain mandatory information, essential to the proper processing of orders in order to satisfy its customers. Other optional information is requested to meet more personalized criteria and this to meet the legitimate expectations of customers to the company SKI AND GO and its store. This data is collected at the time the customer places his order in order to process his reservations. These data are not transmitted in any case to a commercial partner of the company SKI AND GO

Article 13: Trade Mediation

In accordance with the legislation in force, article L-612-1 of the consumer code, the Skimax Argentière store, proposes to its customers for any dispute not resolved in the store or by the customer service, relating to the sale of products or the provision of service, to resort free of charge to the mediation service MEDICYS, which we report to electronically https://conso.medicys.fr/ or by post: MEDICYS – 73 Boulevard de Clichy – 75009 PARIS.

Article 14 : Applicable laws and competent jurisdiction

This contract is subject exclusively to French law. In case of any dispute relating to this contract or for any litigation, the competent court will be that of the headquarters of the company SKI AND GO to which the parties assign exclusive jurisdiction.