Terms of hire

General ski hiring terms


The leased equipment and equipment are placed under the responsibility and custody of the customer as soon as he takes possession of it. It assumes full responsibility for this. Failure to return the leased equipment and equipment for any reason will result in invoicing the customer for their full market value in the new condition in addition to the cost of the rental.


Materials and equipment are offered for rent in good condition, suitable for normal use in relation to the category in which they are classified and recognized as such. They must be returned in good condition. Any material or equipment being numbered or marked, it must be returned with the same numbers or the same mark. Any degradation will give rise to the payment of the repair costs or even the reimbursement of the full market value of the equipment or equipment if it is irreparable in addition to the cost of the rental.


The rented equipment and equipment are intended for the sole use of the customer, without any possibility of sub-leasing or even free of charge. The customer is the sole judge of his capacity to use the rented equipment and equipment.


The customer can opt for a rental with insurance. The latter will bear the costs of restoration or reimbursement of materials and equipment in the event of loss, theft and degradation. The customer shall bear the consequences of events not covered by this guarantee. Even insured, a deductible will apply on any material in the event of loss, theft or degradation (according to rate posted at the checkout).


The duration of the rental is fixed for the period indicated on the reservation, the day starting at 8:30 and ending at 19:00. This rental period can not be changed without the written consent of the store. The price of the rental is due, from the day of taking possession of the equipment and equipment rented until the day of return Any day begun is due to the prices and conditions displayed publicly.


An imprint of the bank card will be required before the handing over of leased equipment and equipment.


In case of non-payment of the rental at the expiry of the latter, or in the event of non-return of the equipment or degradation thereof, the customer, by prior delivery of his card number or by An imprint of his bank card authorizes and gives an express mandate to the store to denominate the amount to be debited from his bank account according to the services provided at the prices and conditions displayed publicly in addition to those shown herein.


The lease payment must be made in cash at the scheduled date. Late payment penalties will be applied, amounting to one and a half times the legal interest rate. Any rental paid by Internet does not entitle to any refund.


The only court competent to hear all disputes relating to this rental will be the one to which the head office of the lessor belongs.